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Couples in Crisis

Every day everywhere there are couples who find themselves living in misery together, yet they keep on keeping on without seeking help to rekindle their joy together often because they are fearful they will be told they should simply throw it all in. You may be here right now because you have finally decided to get that help, to stop the misery as soon as possible one way or another. Are you deciding whether to stay or go? Perhaps your heart is breaking right now because your partner has decided to “go”. OR you may be in excruciating pain from finding out about your partner’s betrayal.

Whatever your situation, finding some kind of unity even if it’s just to figure out what the next steps are just plain makes sense.

Enlisting the support of a powerful master coach who can help you through this confusing time is essential because this is when expert guidance will not only help you work out the way forward but will also show you how to travel this path in a healing way, whether you decide to heal your marriage, or decide to part, even parting can be healing when done the right way.

The skill and support of a couples master coach will expertly guide you in healing not only in your marriage but also in your life!

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  • From crisis TO connection.
  • From simply sad or even devastated TO feeling soothed, settled, and sure that there is a new way to live and thrive.
  • From the sickening ball of dread in the pit of your stomach TO restoring your marriage to rekindled love, self-care, and wholeness.
  • If it’s a crisis due to a betrayal, then going from feeling distraught and in disbelief TO finally embracing an acceptance about the betrayal and claiming a new sense of normality in your life.
  • From overwhelmingly confused and consumed by your intense feelings that sway between trauma and numbness, crying uncontrollably and forgetting what you went to the fridge for or how you drove from A to B TO feeling like you can string a sentence together as you begin to sense the deep strength that resides within you.
  • From forgetting when to eat, sustaining yourself on alcohol (or maybe even pills), feeling like the blinds are down on your life because the grief of what’sgoing on is so all consuming TO calm self confidence.
  • From feeling extreme rage and anger to the point where you’ve lost connection with your basic needs TO softening back into your loving self and fostering a deeper level of peace, personal power, and resilience.
  • From blaming yourself for what’s gone on and equally not blaming yourself TO realising that your partner has made choices about behaviour too.
  • From panicking and distraught about the potential family break up, the home you might lose, the significant assets and savings that could disappear, uncertainty about where your money is, and where you can turn TO surefooted and accepting reconnection with the partner you love.


  • Guide you to the safe shores of trusting again.
  • Hold your hand for your every wobbly step towards healing.
  • Be your rock while you become each other’s rock again.
  • Show you the way to the other side of this agony.
  • Provide a blame free, no judgement, and safe haven to build a closeness between the two of you, which you’ve possibly never had.

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  • I have guided over 3500 couples to heal from deep hurt, to re-connect, and transform their relationship to one that thrives.
  • I focus on providing a no judgement, safe haven where you can unburden yourself from the pain and anguish you and your spouse are suffering.
  • I take a psychological education approach to create solid foundations by sharing a deep and broad knowledge in this complex area of couples in crisis.
  • I aim to provide a balanced mix of couples’ transformation strategies, uplifting mindset shift coaching and actions specific to you, which will show you how to realign and rewire your relationship and life.
  • The depth of your pain, and possible your trauma, is fully understood as is the support and specific guidance you need to experience relationship breakthroughs which bring you into a new relationship that thrives.


Dee Tozer is a long experienced  transformational relationship repair therapist and coach with a particular focus on couples in deep crisis after infidelity.

After two devastating and destructive divorces of her own, Dee became determined to find a truly better way. Through 30+ years of research, coaching, and personal experience, Dee discovered the secret to repairing marriages so that families can thrive — even when affairs, vile hostility, and/or addictions have broken down a relationship. Now, she sees most of her clients successfully THRIVE together when all hope seemed lost.

She shows them how to make good choices in the moment instead of fighting it out to be right. She helps couples who want to stay together become the best possible partners they can be. Sometimes they don’t know whether they will stay together until they’ve had one or several sessions. This is where Dee uses her expert skills to guide them on a path of patience and tolerance. Dee provides daily opportunities for support and guidance.

Her personal experience of two marriage breakups due to infidelities, and abusive controlling conflict led Dee to focus on two questions in her couples therapy practice: what makes great marriages work, and what’s the extra ingredient that makes them thrive.

Dee understands the pain of heartbreak and her personal experience has provided an opportunity for her to position herself to also understand your pain, your despair, and your potential loss of self-worth.

Dee has immersed herself in education with the world leaders in the field.

Over many years, Dee has finely honed her coaching skills around her belief that when the right techniques are applied at the right time, marriages can be rescued, repaired and restored, allowing the pain to dissolve so that the partnership can THRIVE again in new loving communication and connection.

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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives

Tony Robbins

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